Unleash Your True Voice

Unlock your vocal potential through personalised coaching in English, Italian or French


Voice coaching for singers focuses on enhancing vocal presence and confidence, enabling you to effectively sing unlocking your full vocal potential.

Public Speakers

Voice coaching is a crucial aspect of training for public speakers. It focuses on improving vocal delivery, articulation, and projection to captivate and engage the audience.


Voice coaching for queer and gender nonconforming, is a specific form of coaching that helps individuals to develop a voice that aligns with their gender identity.

Be The Voice You Want To Hear


Our customised coaching sessions focus on your unique needs and goals, providing targeted guidance for maximum vocal improvement.


Our comprehensive program addresses all aspects of expression, equipping you with essential skills and techniques to be the best version of yourself.


Our experienced coach creates a safe space of discovery and expression, inspiring and motivating you to confidently be the voice you want to hear.

You, are the Difference

At Amsterdam Voice Studio, we are committed to providing exceptional voice coaching services for individuals seeking to express their authentic self.

Voice Is Fluid: we can shape it and sound exactly the way we feel.

As the pure expression of our true self, our voice tries to grow as sincere as possible, but it meets in its path, stiff rules and social conditionings.

It's time to let your voice flow. Free.

“I discovered the true potential of my voice. Not only transformed my vocal skills, but also instilled an incredible sense of confidence in me.”

- Angela C.

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pen near black lined paper and eyeglasses